Real Estate

A high strategic content sector








A key sector in which the Barletta Group has always invested. Italy, tourism, hotels: a long-term guaranteed investment.

Rooms to be built 277

Palazzo Donà Giovannelli

Project: Rosewood City: Venice

Soho House

City: Rome
Project: Soho House
Rooms: Members’ Club

Luxury resort

Location: Tuscany Rooms: 42

Hotel Giotto

Project: Hotel Giotto City: Rome


Project: Cortina City: Cortina d’Ampezzo
Rooms already built 247

Gioberti Art Hotel

Project: Gioberti Art Hotel City: Rome

Gioberti Hotel

Project: Gioberti Hotel City: Rome

Hotel Tutto Sport

Project: Hotel Tutto Sport City: L’Aquila


Home is a primary need for every human being, a need that neither technology nor progress will ever be able to replace. Gruppo Barletta invests in residential properties supplying every step of the realization: feasibility process, construction, sales, and property management. The retail development strategy is focus on the commercial segment, having targeted a niche in which Gruppo Barletta perfectly fits.

Square meters to be built 42.259

Not disclosable yet

City: Rome Square meters: 24.692

Not disclosable yet

City: Roma Square meters: 6.400

Marino 1 e 2

Project: Marino 1 e 2 City: Rome

Spring Parking

Project: Spring Parking City: Rome
square meters already built 25.541

Borgo San Rocco 33

Project: Borgo San Rocco 33 City: Rome

Borgo San Rocco 12

Project: Borgo San Rocco 12 City: Rome

Via Cupa 69

Project: Via Cupa 69 City: Rome

Viale Le Corbusier - City Life

Project: Le Corbusier City: Latina

Villette Le Corbusier

Project: Le Corbusier villette City: Latina

San Carlo da Sezze

Project: San Carlo da Sezze City: Latina


The Group is focusing its development strategy in the retail segment, having targeted a niche in with a perfect fit and that currently shows few competitors in the Italian market. It strongly believes that dominant positions within key locations represent a safe and highly remunerative investment.

Square meters to be built 105.000

Not disclosable yet

City: Bari Square meters: 6.500


Project: Forum City: Rome
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